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I am honored to share the office space with many other accomplished therapists. You may find that one of these therapists more closely meets your needs.  Take a moment to look at their specialties!

Ryan Watanabe, MFTI
Struggling with performance anxiety on the field, in the classroom, or in the workplace? I specialize in working with athletes, performers, students, and business executives with performance anxiety and other performance-related issues. Whether it's anxiety swinging a baseball bat or nervousness giving a presentation, I enjoy working with adolescents and adults in reaching their personal, athletic, academic, and career goals. My past experience with performance anxiety has driven me to explore the field of sport and performance psychology. My comprehensive treatment of performance-related issues, although individual and unique to every client, blends traditional cognitive behavioral methods with unique depth psychological techniques, providing long-lasting and durable results.  Please contact Ryan at

Kelly Yasbek, MFTI

Kelley Yasbek transitioned to a Marriage and Family Therapist career after 20 years working in the business field.  Because of her background, she is a very results-oriented therapist who focuses on helping clients define and attain their personal and relationship goals as directly as possible.  Kelley is a breast cancer survivor and specializes in working with patients, partners and families in navigating the psychosocial issues that accompany a chronic illness, including anxiety, depression, body image concerns, role adjustments, discovering a new identity and end-of-life fears.  She views changes through a lens of loss and has taken several post-graduate courses in how to help clients process, accept and move on from inevitable setbacks.  She is also a certified Grief and Bereavement Counselor.  To learn more about Kelley, visit her website at

Welcome To Your Journey of Self or Couple Empowerment!

I work with Individuals and Couples of both Heterosexual and Gay/ Lesbian life styles.

Being a licensed therapist with over 12 years of experience, I believe having a safe therapeutic haven for each member to express their individual thoughts and feelings is so essential.

I focus directly on helping to create clear goals that will bring about result-oriented changes to increase happiness and fulfillment for Individuals and Couples.

I counsel Single Women to help problem solve their various life issues, such as low self-esteem, career stressors and relationship choices.  I also specialize in working with Couples who want to create and maintain a loving, respectful and thriving relationship, as well as assisting with pre-marital counseling. My work with Couples has included teaching strategies for Improving Communication, Intimacy Building, Managing Conflicts, Reducing Stress and Strengthening Parenting and Co-Parenting skills.

I also provide appointments on Saturdays and Sundays as a convenience for busy life schedules.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you soon.

For further information regarding my service, please visit my website at or contact me at (949) 246-8389 or email [email protected] .


The Living Success Center provides thousands of hours a year of low-fee therapy, to the underserved members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay. A broad spectrum of clients comes through our doors with a range of issues- from severe depression to anxiety, from relationship problems to loneliness. This is the only non-profit center of its kind in the county.  We are also a training facility affiliated with the local universities whose graduate students need to complete their supervised hours of training.

The Living Success Center have several different types of counseling services offered: Individual, Couple, Family, Teens & Adolescents and children along with many groups offered.

Mission Statement

The Living Success Center’s mission is to meet the mental health needs of our community, regardless of social or economic status, by providing quality, comprehensive mental health services with respect, compassion, and acceptance of cultural and linguistic diversity. We strive to primarily assist those who have limited or no access to mental health services. We do so by providing services within a low/no fee cost structure to enable underserved members of our community to obtain, without concern for cost, critically needed mental health care.

Please feel free to visit the Living Success Center’s website:

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